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- [Fashion products delivery] All kind of Fashion Products (incl. cloth, shoes, bag etc) will be shipped in 5 business days after order.
- [Health & Skin care products delivery] All kind of health and skin care products will be shipped within same date of order in case order placed before 4 PM business date (Korean Standard Time).
* However, if the order is bundled with other category products, it will be shipped to the latest product schedule.
- If a delivery schedule is listed in the product description, it will take precedence

- International Shipping will be sent via the post office (EMS) and transportation period is subject to the place of shipped to.

- In case Pre-Order, please check the details of product for delivery schedule.

- USD 30,000,000 to be charged in case shipping to Universe including Mars, Moon etc.

- Replacement / refund of on-demand products is only possible if there is a defect in the product.

- Replacement / Refund is available within 7 days from delivered date.

- o cancel the order and return the product which caused not by seller's fault, shipping cost of round trip will be charged and the returned product must be in good condition as a new product.
- Refund will be placed after collect the product in case it was shipped already.

- The replacement / refund / After-sales Service(repair) specified in the product description shall take precedence.

- In case the purchaser is a minor and the legal representative is not agree to purchase, the minor or the legal representative may cancel the purchase.


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